Policy Areas of Interest

Ensure thoughtful development of land and infrastructure

  • Encourage distinct neighbourhoods
    • define and preserve neighbourhood identities
    • promote diverse housing options
  • Ensure village centres that include residential, business, services, and active transportation
    • support small-scale, locally-owned businesses
    • encourage housing availability in these centres
  • Contain urban sprawl on undeveloped land

Protect/Defend and restore our natural environment

  • Protect green space, natural features and environmentally sensitive areas
  • Implement new Invasive Plants Strategy 2014
  • Decrease GHG emissions as per the Community Climate Action Plan 2010
    • further implement the Strategic Transportation Plan 2010
    • support new Community Energy & Emissions Working Group
  • Complete further improvements to the foreshore, streams and forests to improve wildlife habitat

Maximize value and services for tax dollars

  • Practice conservative financial management and realistic budgeting
  • Make prudent decisions on municipal spending
  • Evaluate service demand and delivery and then realign resources
  • Lobby federal & provincial governments to provide infrastructure funding

Encourage a strong sense of community for residents of all ages

  • Support arts, culture, athletics, and a variety of recreational amenities
  • Work with the school board and preschools to activate and involve youth
  • Communicate municipal initiatives and community achievements

Nora Gambioli


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